I am leaving him, he does not know it yet. In his mind I am a shrew of a woman demanding his complete obedience while I lust for other men. In MY mind, I work THREE jobs to support us, our disabled adult son, and his elderly father while asking husband to do the home chores while I work. In his mind, everything I do good for him has an ulterior motive. Yes, he does have a triple diagnosis of depression, PTSD, and “mild” schizophrenia, yet he refuses to take his medications. We’ve been in couples counseling for just about a year with a phenomenal therapist, but MY husband continues to see only his way. Yesterday at home was the final kick to the teeth: After asking him to clean the bathroom, he lambasted me verbally (yet again!) But then he added the final punch: “You wanna know why I never want to hang out with you or have sex with you anymore?! Because you’re never happy with anything I do! You just want me to obey you and I don’t love you anymore!” All I’ve ever asked is that he do the chores while I work my three jobs! (80 hours per week). My in-laws don’t seem to understand this situation, and my own family has disowned me since I left their religion a long time ago (They are Jehovah’s Witnesses). So, I am on my own. I am leaving, even though I don’t even have a home to go to. Sad, frustrated, and feeling hopeless. As much as I tried to make it work, my marriage is dead.