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I’ve turned into Bitch Teacher From The Seventh Circle of Hell

I got told off at work for “sounding exasperated” at a student who still can’t understand a grammar topic she’s been using for YEARS because she’s been my student for so long. She used to do it so well but now it’s like she suddenly hit her head on the pavement at some point and lost her ability to string sentences together without making mistakes she already knows about. I couldn’t help it, I was so annoyed and frustrated that all that hard work has all come to nothing and I was being evaluated when all of this was happening. I wasn’t like this before, I was nice and patient and even sweet (ugh), but now it sickens me that students are just so thick and cannot follow the simplest instructions I give. Then again, I’ve been feeling so negative at work lately. The supervisors might have noticed this before or I’ve just been careful at hiding it, but now it’s so difficult to restrain all that pent-up frustration. Or maybe I should talk to someone about anger management shit. Or maybe quit this job, I don’t really know. I’m just so frustrated right now and I’m angry at myself, this student, and that annoying evaluator who had to pick this lesson from so many other more positive lessons I have. ARGH


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  1. Roger

    More power to you for getting this far in your chosen field of educator. I would not have an ounce of patience trying to teach today’s children. I don’t where you’re from of course, but I do know from some research I’ve been doing that the citizens of the USA are slowly being poisoned by some really strange stuff. Not sure if anybody took care of the problem with the chemicals in plastic beverage container or not. Many people were linking that with ADHD. A relatively new one I’ve found is that there are some “super micro” molecules in men’s erectile products like Viagra and some others like it. Apparently, these molecules can’t be filtered,,or even boiled out. No conclusions were reached in the article I read. And now to the biggest violator of the public trust…”Big Pharm”…The most common precept of the pharmaceutical industry is to keep people at a “low level” of sickness so as to keep people dependant on their shoddily made drugs. Who knows what their medicines are doing to the adults and children of this nation.
    So, this problem you are having with this student could be physiological in nature. Could be issues at home, bullying, crap they’re watching on TV,,,Who knows. I would maybe suggest to your supervisors that it maybe be something fairly serious going on, but you don’t have the expertise to determine the cause. For all I know,,”I” could be way off base too. But I think further investigation is warranted.

    Good Luck in the Future.

  2. Anonymous

    I have always found that students tend to become whoever they are associated with. I have seen really dim students flourish when they are in the company of other intellectual students. Speech seems to be a major issue especially the replacement of “th” for “f”. An example is barf for bath or fing for thing. It sends chills up my spine when i hear it. Set students who are bad, with students who are good and focus, maybe it will rub off on them. As with work and quitting, they way i have always viewed is this, most job suck, but at least you an income and are able to live, isnt that the end goal considering most jobs suck anyway. The perk is the payment, sad as it may be.

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