So, I have planned a trip to Japan with three of my best friends. I have thought it out carefully and they are all up for it. We are learning Japanese, saving money, looking at websites and hotels. Only problem, is that it will take place in 1675 days, to shorten it down, 290 weeks, even more, approx. 4.5 years. I’m hyping myself up so much and I am prepared, because currently, time has been flying pretty quickly. I have it planned that I can go to Japan with them instead of schoolies, but it’s just too far. In about one year, I might just give up. People have been telling me that it’s too far away and I’ll change my mind. They might be right, they might be wrong. Either way, for now, I won’t give up hope. I’ll get a job, I’ll save up money, and I’ll keep researching. It’s just the fact that it’s in 4.5 years. It’s kicking in and I don’t want to realise the possibility that we will give up. We will drop the whole plan, and I don’t, for the life of me, want that to happen. I guess I’m jut scared that I’ll lose them before hand, and never fulfill my life long dream. I love them too much to give up, but I’m scared, that I’ve, on the inside, already given up. I’ve tried staying motivated, talking to my other friends about it, talking to my family, and like said earlier, done some research and planned it out. But it’s going to fall apart, everything does.