I am a 14 year old girl and I have a “job interview” for a small clothing store in my neighborhood. I know the lady who owns this store and the interview is very informal. I don’t have a resume and because I’m so young she understands that this is my first job. However, my mother doesn’t understand what is happening. First of all, my mom has been asking me what I am going to wear for the past week. I keep telling her that I don’t know yet but probably some nice jeans and a white shirt. I understand for normal interviews that jeans aren’t the best thing to wear but I am 14 FUCKING YEARS OLD IT DOES NOT MATTER! And she keeps asking me what I am doing with my hair and all this fashion stuff when she should be more concerned with what I am going to say and how to make a good impression!!!! She keeps saying, and I quote, “Stop trying to sabotage this interview” BECAUSE OF WHAT I AM WEARING! And I would totally understand if she said this if I told her I was planning to dress in like a crop top and booty shorts but I’m not. She just thinks all my clothes are ugly. And I bet 100% when I tell her I am not wearing makeup she is going to freak out uGHGHGJHGGFDG