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Just because you know something I like to spend my money on doesn’t enable you to make a judgement on my whole financial situation.

Have a friend that always claims I’m “rich” when something I spend my money on is brought up in conversation. I am no where near rich and am sick of the comments they make. Like when I know how much they eat out and spend on things that they like to buy and I know for a fact that they are spending more than I am- but I don’t comment on it- so like, fuck off????? Jeez. Seriously. I work hard and save for what I buy. I don’t use house heating during winter to save money. I never eat out. YOU DON’T KNOW THIS. So stop judging me on what I do buy for myself just because you think you know me!


Look up.



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  1. Suicidaladult

    True that

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The place to rant