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dear Megan U SUCK OKAY U SUCK U SUCK U SUCK YOU ARE A BRAGGART LYING HYPOCRITE SMARTASS WHO THINKS THEYRE BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE AND USES PPL AS A DOORMAT AND YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO CALL US YOUR FRIENDS WHEN YOU CONSTANLY TEASE US AND STEP ON OUR TOES dear Emma I MET YOU TWO WEEKS AGO AND YOURE A TRANSPHOBIC HOMOPHOBIC WHO MAKES DUMB JOKES AND ACTS LIKE THEYRE BETTER THAN EVERYONE MAKES SENSE YOURE FRIENDS WITH MEGAN dear hanbi u didn’t do anything wrong but whenever I hang out with you I end up feeling worse than when I first did. dear alika so ur nice but if I hang out with u I have to hang out with Megan Emma and hanbi so no. Dear Samantha bad vibes but Emily says u hate Megan too and so enemy of my enemy is my friend tho u still treat Emily like shit so. Dear Jody idk u but I sure as hell don’t trust u. WHOEVER IS READINF THIS IM JUST CARELESSLY RANTING SO IDC


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I’m young, sad and confused

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  1. Anonymous

    Megan is such a dirty bitch. I used to date her until I walked in on her with two other guys! What a skank!

    And you’re right not to trust Jody. She’s a conniving little cunt… Sounds like you’ve got your work cut out for you. I can sympathize…

    Maybe Samantha just gives off bad vibes because she has anxiety issues because she was felt up by her older brother, i dunno. Maybe she could help you exact some revenge on that whore Megan.

    Good luck!

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