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Keys to a Happy Marriage

Keys to a happy marriage include but are not limited to: oral (giving and receiving), orgasms, and general mutual respect. Oral and orgasms kind of go hand in hand But what I hear from most women is some prudish bullshit about how their mouth is too fucking high class to stick a dick in it. Bitch please! Before you got the ring and had a litter of kids we all know you got shit faced and sucked SO much dick in high school and college. That is until the day you found THE dick that you decided “oh yes this is the one I will only have to suck once a year for his birthday.” And it is probably a lack luster 15 minutes of you giving him the ‘seriously are you done yet?’look. Yet when it’s time for you to receive you expect the poor gug to stay down there for hours! So ladies and gentleman we come full circle to general, mutual respect! Give you 110% effort in to the blow job and he’ll give his 110% into getting you off. Why would anyone want to give their all to someone who is just dipping their toes in? Marriage of course is WAY more work and effort but God when I hear other women complaining about the ONE true pleasure in life I can’t help but want to scream!! Sex cannot sure everything but when you are planning on spending the rest of your life with someone having a mind blowing orgasm or giving one and expecting nothing in return can put a lot in to perspective. Scenario:: The house is a mess but its been a crazy day and you wanna do is sleep. Put in a little effort, get naked and do the deed! When you’re good and satisfied the house being a mess no longer matters and there is no unnecessary bullshit fight with your spouse about “blah blah blah”. You’re both happy because in the grand scheme of things a messy house is way better than a messy divorce.


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    I have heard similar rants from other guys in real life frequently I might add. Some women believe that its a substitute for sex.Once you are married they no longer have to do the deal.Their are legitimate reasons to not engage though.Health reasons usually.If that’s the case try a little understanding.Try to find out the real reasons behind her no longer participating.She may have a legitimate reason and is afraid to tell you or afraid you won’t believe her.

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