If you’ve never had the pleasure of living in a roach-infested, sardine crammed box, do yourself a favor and move to LA COUNTY. One of the most crowded, overpriced, slummy armpits in America. Top 10 activities include:

1. Sitting in a traffic for up to 3 hours to drive 10 miles
2. Dealing with dipshit drivers while driving (people who really shouldn’t have a license, to begin with)
3. Trying to communicate in English to half the population.
4. Overpaying for food, gas, theater tickets, theme parks, movies, parking, and anything else you might want to do.
5. Watching the garbage in the streets pile up
6. Getting shot by some moronic vato
7. Having to listen to the same SJW/Liberal morons everywhere you go.
8. Dealing with Roaches, fleas, and pest infestations aplenty
9. Watching all the green areas get paved over with strip malls and the ponds and lakes dry up because of the eternal drought.
10. Experiencing the amazing weather that hovers around 90-100 degrees nearly year-round.

I have no idea why people come to LA County, it’s a complete dump and it way too overcrowded. Save your time, money and yourselves from this hell on earth and go someplace else.