You know how 90% of ALL law-enforcement abuses their power wrongfully accusing people of things that never happened and thinks their above the rest of humanity??? What if society started turning against them? What if everyone started taking legal action against all law-enforcement agencies, whether true or not, since law-enforcement invents lies anyway, so why not do it against them as well? I think it would be the end of police thinking they’re higher than the rest of humanity, and when the government itself starts making things up to destroy you, humanity will finally overthrow them. Don’t be scared, do what you think is right… if you’re already a Liberal (like the people who accepts corruption and the one’s who cause it in the first place), your life is already a lost cause and you will never make it further. Greedy Liberals are the center of all the worlds problems and corruption (not religion), if you don’t believe me, just look up how many of them were successful without what they have just being handed to them. I believe in real-life freedom, not forcefully giving it up to law-enforcement or Liberal’s who get butt-hurt because you’re more successful than them. I’m not scared… test me if you dare.