i have this girl at work who is a nice person . But when it comes to work she tries to get off doing the bare minimum . last night she even came with a hickey on her neck . I work at a restaurant so if one person slacks off the others have to pick up for her because in the end it affects us all . The good thing about our work is we all share the tips equally . BUT sometimes it feels she takes advantage of this . most of the time she is on the phone texting her boyfriend .She smokes cigarettes and weeds and she smells like cigaretes . some days she works as the bartender and even when the bar is not busy she takes so long to make drinks. the food comes out before the drinks are made. I think this affects us all in the long run . however , she only does this when the manager is not working .the days the manager is working ,she tends to do more work.The days the manager is not working she always clocks out early and doesnt care when we say she cant clock out now because its busy .I feel like outside work it is nice to talk to her and stuff but during work it has become unbearable.