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My best friend, who I wish was my girlfriend, is moving to another state, another school. I’m so scared. One, she doesn’t know I’m in love with her, and I’ll never get to live my fantasy future in which we are together. And secondly, she is going to meet so many new people, new friends, who will push me further down the friend list and we will slowly drift apart, I know it. 4 of my other extremely close friends have moved away within the last couple years. I don’t think I can survive school next year without her, she’s my everything. She’s the highlight to my day, everyday. It’s like slipping into comfort when I’m with her and I love her with all of my being I know it. It’s so far, and I’m scared of the new people she will like better than me. I’m not even a great person to begin with, and meeting better people just puts me way behind. I’m a jealous being, I can’t help it. But I love her, and I can’t live without her in my day to day life, I just can’t. But there’s nothing I can do and I want to fucking die.


People are full of shit


Is it me?

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  1. Anonymous

    Act quickly buddy! Take her out; tell her how you feel. If its true love don’t let it slip away! If she’s already gone, go visit her and keep in touch. Don’t keep quiet; show her you care!! And most of all… Don’t give up on life! If this doesn’t work out, don’t worry. I know it doesn’t seem like it now, but you will find something else to live for!!

    (Excuse my awful writing.)

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