You have no idea what she’s going through. The pain, the suffering. For eight years she was isolated by everyone around her. Then you come along, act like her friend, and then criticise everything she does? The one person she has trusted for so long, and you stab her in the back.
I want to wring your thin, pale little neck.
Look at you peering at her over your glasses condescendingly, acting like her mother. A shitty mother at that. I wish you would get the fuck out of her life, but it would break her heart. I hate you. The time I hate you the most is when she crawls into my bed crying because she thinks no one likes her, that she’s alone. Guess who’s name comes up the most? I hope you die so neither of us have to see you again. So you will never look down your big ass nose at her again. So you can never reduce her to tears for ‘being useless’ because she had a chest infection and missed your group project again. You know who is useless? You.