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So, I’m Jewish and questioning my sexuality…I think I might be lesbian, or bisexual, and the one person I thought would be more supportive said their feelings are valid, but basically, try to overcome it. Like, great! No, I didn’t have a plan to marry a girl and risk being cut off from my community. I don’t want kids, either. But people are jerks, and they judge, so now I’m stuck being Orthodox Jewish and possibly lesbian, and an ex-cutter. Life is wonderful.


i am disgusting


Literally WTF


  1. Angela

    Salut, If you have penis your a man but if you have vagina your a woman, you do not have to be in confusion, We love you as you are. With a smile i’ll say bye.

  2. LOVE

    Hush and Focus on God… he’ll take care of your needs and wanting.. He loves you perfectly

  3. Hayley

    Hello! I am sorry you didn’t feel supported in a time when you really needed that support. I think I may be able to provide some helpful commentary, hopefully. This is because I am a somewhat traditionally-minded Christian girl and I have experienced SO much attraction to women over the years. I went through periods where I felt I was only attracted to women during about the age of 13 and 14 or so. I ended up decided not to follow the LGBT path because I personally do feel that acting on those feelings isn’t right according to my religion, but to me it has never been instilled as some taboo, shameful thing, and no one ever told me not to. I got to make my own decision for my life, and now my attraction, to me, is just the same as wanting to hook up with some hot dude on a one night stand or wanting to marry a guy who I don’t feel ultimately shares my goals in life. I may want to do these things but I just don’t. Now, I am engaged to a guy who I am VERY attracted to and tbh kind of has a “girl” butt (which I know about even though we are waiting to have sex UGH)

    HOWEVER (lol), all that being said, because I may have gotten sort of on a tangent, you should never hold back a part of yourself or not explore an avenue because of what other people say or make you feel. The ONLY reason you shouldn’t get a girlfriend or hook up with a girl, is if YOU don’t want to because of your religion, if YOU genuinely believe that to be the wrong action for yourself, NOT if your community won’t be for it or will guilt or shun you. I personally think they should accept you for who you are and let you go through your own life and make your own choices/take your own actions (bc obviously your feelings arent a choice). It is your life to live and if you meet a girl you like, no one should make you feel guilty for that. Also, there is NOTHING bad about being attracted to your own gender, at all. Actually, since I have started sharing my experience, I have talked to so many other Christian people who are also attracted to women that it has really surprised me. So, anyway, don’t change or feel ashamed for other people. I hope I didn’t come across as judgmental or negative at all; I only wanted to share my own experiences so far. I truly mean it when I say: Live your life for YOU. (:

    Much love your way, Hayley

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