What is Wrong with America

To answer that question one does not need a degree in sociology, psychology or synapses to several thousand other neurons. What’s wrong with America can be summed up in one word, you heard right one word. That word is CONTROL! The reprehensible condition that we Americans are in stems from that single word CONTROL! It seems we can NEVER get enough of trying to control other people! Everywhere you turn in America it’s easy to see where this process plays out. We raise our hands and profess how we protect FREEDOM but giving others the free choice is clearly alien to us. If a computer company wants you to do something then they will simply set up the computer where it repeats until the point where you have to give in. If gun asellers want you to buy guns they will control the notion that things are so bad you have to have a gun, if someone has camping gear they want to sell the idea that an asteroid is going to strike the planet is simply another way to control you! It would seem the only way we can live in America is simply by CONTROL!