I am almost completely done with living for once I want to feel alive and not just survive I want to feel and be happy and enjoy my life for once !!! I know I may still be young but tbh school is making me want to die I have literally no friends , and I know that I may ask a lot from someone to be my friend but I believe I am a genuinely nice person and funny to be around but oh no every one has there place and every one must stay in there place. Plus to add to it all my dad isn’t that supportive I tell him nothing about my actual life and he blames me for it but y would I tell him about my life if he has to make comments about everything I do his most famous saying is “a place for everything, everghing in its place” and he uses that when I say I don’t have and fucking friends and when he says just go talk to them I feel like giving him the most disgusted look ever to say “are u even aware of this generation” if I even do so much as look at someone they get all in my face and make up total bullshit that I was giving them a fucking dirty look!! I swear the only reason I’m alive at the minute is my mum because she is basically a single parent with a crap job and our family has a trait of depression and she gets depressed sometimes and it’s not just “her time of the month” . Plus she’s just brought a new house and she says it’s mine I just can’t imagine how if I kill myself it will just be her in our small house, alone.