So we don’t take mental seriously unless it impacts us directly. We don’t want to fund mental health services, because it isn’t a real illness, like a heart attack.

We are told that if we are suicidal to go to the ER. The ER doesn’t want us unless we have a bullet in the chest.

After being abused by ER staff, we are shipped to a mental hospital which ostensibly is about keeping us alive while the staff abuses us. This makes us more suicidal, but the new meds kick in and we are no longer suicidal and we are set free only to become suicidal again, because nothing has really changed.

We are supposed to be helped by a type of therapy that it is so self-evident that it has been independently developed at least three times, CBT. It is so superficial, it can only help the worried well. It is useless against serious mental problems, like trauma.

There are gimmicks that claim to help trauma like EMDR. What a waste of time and money that was.

So the psychiatric profession only offers their version of blood-letting and leaches. Yet the very people who abuse me won’t let me kill myself. Personally, i don’t think they want to loose the recipient of their cruelty.

Whatever the sick notion that lays behind forcing someone to suffer for eighty years when a bullet could bring peace is obviously the product of Christian indoctrination.

I just wish the Christers and the shrinks would stop think about themselves and realize that they are putting others through unnecessary suffering by insisting that the mentally ill remain alive and suffer every day possible.

Just because you have an MD or because you love Jesus, doesn’t give you the right to force me to live. Forcing someone to suffer is selfish. Power over life and death is fundamental to one’s existence and that power should only be in the hands of the person living the life in question.

Instead, unthinking and cruel idiots everywhere like to turn the table and call the suicide selfish. And this attitude is supposed to encourage me to live?

God this world is a fucked up place and i am leaving it the first chance i get.