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So, my boyfriend and I have been dating for awhile now. 11 months to be exact. Me and him have always had amazing sex(we were open to anything & everything) We dated in the past as well for 2 years but things got complicated when i had to move out of state for awhile but we managed to cozy back up together. Now here’s where i don’t know what to do anymore. Me and him both watch porn. Which were both fine with it as long as we don’t describe anything. To get to the route of my problem is lately i have to initiate sex every single time(which at first is fine but mind you in the beginning he couldn’t keep his hands off me) We both are in are mid 20’s and i never thought I’d have this problem before. But he has admitted to me he has been watching porn. Alot more frequent lately. Here’s another side to explain, hes also taking lexaprone, which I’ve brought en up to him that it can be a cause of lox sex drive and he seems like hes not going to even bring it up to his doctor. Now my question is what the hell do i even do anymore? i constantly bring up that I’m sick of feeling unwanted and he reassures me he does. But should i Hang on to this relationship if my partner seems to lazy to try? Ever aspect in the relationship is close to perfect and i don’t know what to do anymore


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  1. TPP

    Move on… Unless you plan on marrying this dude and having an open relstionship, its just gonna be a bigger problem later. People tend to discount how important sex is. It is important. Very important. He may be intrested in things that hes afraid to talk to you about. Porn is an outlet for either something he’s not getting or something he fantasizes about. Also, people’s tastes change over the course of time. Doesn’t mean he does not care about you, but the old saying is true: If a man eats steak every day, at some point he’s going to get tired of steak and want to eat chicken, or fish or whatever, but you get the idea. Not everyone can handle that truth and reality, I’m that becomes really difficult to deal with in a relationship. People tend to take it personally and don’t understand how our bodies are wired. Just look at pop culture, look at the news, look at the world around you and you will see that it’s a lot of the same problems over and over and over again. That is because there is truth to this but nobody wants to look at the ugly that is us. The second we commit to acknowledging the 800 pound elephant in the room, and taking proactive steps to making both sides comfortable, now we are heading to real change. There’s my $0.02; hope it helps.

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