you better start showing me some money and rewards like some part time work and friends and my own house instead of in this infested pisspot dump. you are going to have to help me renovate this house in the next 6months and get my mothers health better and mine. you are going to have to help for change cuz you have no idea the hurt and anger of wanting to work and yet I can’t find it. the anger and frustration of not having work or being liked and having wealth stored up. I need stuff. a lot of things you will have to come and talk it out and find a way to make it happen or I swear to god I will kill you all. you deserve to be killed but old age is going to be worse for you. but I didn’t help you for you to be so provocative and rude to me when I don’t even give a stuff for your retarded husband at all. I don’t give a fuck about your dumb men at all. so you better get a working bitch. you get what you wanted and you owe people and that is that hig.

and i need my business deals and real estate properties and more. so we will see what you are cuz your mean dog bitch bully. and i am going to make sure you pay up.

uglieness is your mean bullying lack of comprehension of real issues and history of others.

hugs don’t resolve things but lots of money and good health to live well sure does. which is what I have always advocated.