If your a gamer and you play MOBA, style games, you might understand my issue/annoyance. If you don’t play League of Legends and you like MOBAs give it a try.. but do normal NOT TeamBuilder Queue… i have played LoL for several years now, and i’m not pro, but i am pretty good, when i queue for a game, my friends like to use the ‘TeamBuilder’ queue system added a while back, but it’s annoying imo. if you want half competent people you need to start up a normal queue, to go into some details, normal queue matches you with people that have similar wins and who are around your level (when your level 30 typically your always matched with level 30s) but also matches you with similar wins. where as ‘TeamBuilder’ matches you with anyone,(excluding it usually only has level 30s with level 30s ofc) and everyone, most of the time based on the amount of time you have played the character you pick, if your new to the character your entire team, and the enemy team usually are also new to their character. along with the fact that it matches you with anyone and everyone… so you you can have complete newbs whether they are level 30 or not, if you play a character your new to, your team most likely will suck.. YES.. that means the enemy team might also suck, BUT more often then not its my team that falls short, usually with me having to try and carry, but i cant carry everyone… NORMAL Queues matchmake you with relatively same level/wins as you, so i dont want to tear my teams heads off as much.. DOWN WITH TEAMBUILDER!, except that wont happen.. but still o; so much hate for it..