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Loneliness is eating me up

Basically I’m a single mom and besides work I have no long term hobbies or actual friends which i kno doesn’t help…I do have a boyfriend who I’ve been seeing for just under a year and well recently he’s seemed distant and not making as much of an effort. First few months were great he was perfect came as often as he could but now it’s like he doesn’t wanna be here he’s less affectionate doesn’t cuddle or kiss or even pay attention to me when he’s here, he doesn’t come till late because of the gym, or I don’t hear off him for 3 hours because he’s at the gym…yet IL see him on Facebook during this time so he straight up ignores me, he goes to icehockey late like 10 til 11 n then he’s like it’s too late to see me yet before it wasn’t a problem and he’ll chose to see his mates on a weekend which is fine and I understand he has a life n that’s ok. this week he “forgot” to do his booking so couldn’t come at all I feel like he’s less n less interested and making excuses. It’s doing my head in I’ve told him how I feel and it tends to turn into an argument n him use it as an excuse not to come round. And then when we make up he’s like oh I miss you so much it’s hard for me to not see you…n I just wanna rage at him but instead I just lie here every few nights bailing my eyes out like an idiot cuz he’s bailed again and I’m worried of arguing with him incase he doesn’t come round …. how do I stop feeling like this?…I’m usually great with stressy stuff, it’s water off a ducks back but for some reason I can’t shake this feeling with him. Deep down it’s like I know hes bored of the relationship. Rant over. Hopefully this was all I need to feel better but any advice would be great 🙂


Screw this leach


My brothers girlfriend


  1. Anonymous

    There is nothing you can do.
    You are old, you have the bargain of another man, you do have a bf and you even complain?
    I feel for that guy… You are a mom, a used expired woman. Unless you are 9/10 or more and under 25, what do you expect?
    Next time dont go after that hot guy to get impregnated and settle with that responsible and loving ugly guy you surely rejected, and now you would not be alone.

  2. hulabula

    Get out of your house. Go to movies dinner dates, clubs, shopping. Alone. Enjoy your own company. It can go two ways from here, I’ll tell you about them. But firstly you must realize you need to be happy in your own company. Loneliness is a thing of the past when you are self-sufficient in your emotional needs. Now remember that he might go away from your life or stick with you. From the narrative it seems to be the former. You really don’t need anyone who cannot invest a little time. Not to say that he is the bad guy here. Maybe you two don’t vibe. Have an adult conversation with him. After the conversation, there will either be a happy re union, or a ‘Boy, Bye.’ situation. Both of them are absolutely fine.

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