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Long Distance Hell

So i have been doing long distance with my boyfriend for over 2 years now. We have been fighting all the freaking time lately. He deals with the distance by getting super busy and I deal with it by chatting and keeping up to date and feel like im involved even when i not there. Im not saying his was is wrong, we are just so different. Anyway we have decided that we would talk when we have the chance and take the pressure off answering there and then. Which is fine. But he has went off to a beach house with friends (and strangers) this weekend – he left friday night and its now sunday and he hasnt messaged me at all since telling me that he has arrived. Like im all for him having a good time, but i feel like ignoring me, no good morning or goodnight or even a simple check in for over 40 hours is so rude and disrespectful. I already know he is going to say his phone died, because my message didn’t send through yesterday but at this point i am so angry and annoyed because its just a shitty excuse. I can believe for one second that none of his friends had a charger, or that he couldnt have used one of their phones to message me as much. He is due to come home today and he is going to probably text me as if nothing has happened. I feel so annoyed by this that i cant just let it slide but i cant be bothered hearing shitty excuses when we argue and probably getting nowhere so i am at a loss for what to do.


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  1. Anonymous

    Girrrllll. Keep an eye on that. Just saying been there done that. There are so many possibilities and questions I have too lol .. If he says he’s in a committed relationship and he doesn’t give you the time of day uh boy bye you don’t need that I’m going to tell you what a guy told me 6 years ago when I was in the same situation.. Fuck a dude that doesn’t treat you right..

    • Anonymous

      yeah its so frustrating because when we are together and not long distance we don’t have these issues. But we still have like a year left of this long distance and i just feel like im doing all the work and im the one getting hurt. My family tell me that he isnt going to change and i need to decide if im willing to put up with this until we live together or even possibly the rest of my life. It is also difficult because he has ADHD so sometimes i find it hard to decipher if he has just been distracted with something else .. or he cant handle doing 2 things at once .. or when he is just being a dick…

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