So… I feel bad. I miss you and I wish you the best. Now im trying to let go and trying to become a better person. Ill be nice to Chioma. Ill stay out of your way now. Im still trying to think of why i met you. That’s because i heard somewhere that each person is either a blessing or a lesson. But personally, id love to think that you’re both. Loving you has been one of the best and worst things i have ever felt. Missing you was the first time i was totally in touch with my emotions. It was the time i felt my heart sink the strongest. Im ready to become a better person for you. For what i feel for you and what i think you felt for me too. Id love to think that God wanted to teach me something. That he’s the only one i can fully depend on. He wants me never to put my all into one person ever again. To never feel so strongly or trust so solidly, anyone but him. He wants me to look to him and tell him all my troubles, fears, joys, like i used to, before i met you. Id like to think that he brought and took you just to make me independent. I need to find myself again and with how incomplete i feel right now, ill need him to find myself. Thank you for the beautiful memories. It was nice to have known you because you have the most beautiful soul i have ever encountered. You loved with all of you and i respect you for that. I hope now to live my life without regrets or thinking i could have done things differently. Thank you for holding the capacity to make me feel both love and hate so strongly at the same time. I never thought myself capable of feeling. Ready to do anything because of what i felt for you. So thank you for awakening my heart. Now i know it still beats😂. Sorry for any grudge you hold against me, for any sort of pain or heartache i caused you without meaning to. I hope you find it in yourself to forgive me and open up again. You were such a bright person. I miss that you. I believe in you. I know you’re hiding from me and you might never want to open up to me again. Thanks once more. I love you.