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Lunch with my Mother

I know this isn’t even an important problem and I’m being selfish but I’m really upset right now so I need to rant.

Last night I told my mom I wanted to go out to lunch with her so we could spend time together because I’m a nice fucking person. She said yes so I woke up early this morning, got a shower, and spent an hour and a half getting ready so I could look nice. Of course when we start to go out the door she’s wearing yoga pants and sneakers which kind of annoyed me, but I didn’t say anything because, again, I’m a nice fucking person. Then at the place we order our food and its like one piece of toast with avocado on it which isn’t even lunch, it’s like a snack, but I don’t complain because I’m a niCE FUCKING PERSON. After we finish our food it’s only been like 15 minutes so I assume we are gonna get dessert or something and she’s like “No, you can’t be grateful for what you have blah blah blah,” and she gets up and leAVES ME AT THE TABLE BY MYSELF. When I finally get to the car and go home I run upstairs to take all my makeup off and I hear her ranting to my dad about how ungrateful I am and how she never wants to do that again. Like, oh ok, I’m sorry spending time with me is such a pain in the ass. I’m sure if my brother wanted to go out to lunch with her she would be more than happy. It just annoys me that I spent all this time and effort getting ready just to spend 15 minutes with her and then hear her tell my dad how awful it was.




my 8 year old brother is a fucking cunt


  1. Anonymous

    So completely understand xx

  2. Anonymous

    to be honest
    you don’t sound like a nice person if you expected more for a lunch you weren’t paying for…

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