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Lying feminist scab

In 1969, you feminists really were for equal opportunity. Back then Women’s Liberation had an honorable focus. When Gloria Steinham & Betty Friedan were instrumental in the “Woman’s Liberation Movement” in the late 60’s, there was a lot of “talk” about equality. My belief is a large percentage of women wanted just that, an equal footing with men. So be it. But at the same time, the “Gay Power Movement” lesbians were worming their way into Women’s Lib. Their hidden agenda was as insidious as it as it was sexist. By the early 70’s we were visited upon by Producers Bud Yorkin & Norman Lear. They had such sitcom gems like “All in the Family”, “Maude”,,,Urkkk.! and a plethora of other Feminist favorites. Either the father/breadwinner was portrayed as a bumbling, out of touch tool of the ,,,,wait for it….The Evil Patriarchy. Or as time passed, portrayed as a simpering mangina idiot,,,,all smoke screened behind canned laughter to soften men up for the real life nightmare we have today. To name just a few.–>Inequitable parenting rights after a divorce, Over exuberant alimony payments, False rape claims, Boys being indoctrinated by feminist teachers, smokescreening the issues, using logic fallacies and the list goes on & on,,,choose your own poison. Since the early 70’s lesbians have taken power away from their more moderate sisters in the movement. They’ve put rings of obedience into the moderates noses and have coercing, shaming, and threatening them ever since. The moderates biggest sin in all this is they lack the guts to take back their own movement. Turning a blind eye as a cohesive faction to change their their ideology from feminism to egalitarianism. Until it becomes a combined movement for men and women, the ugly minded lesbians will continue to dictate their malicious agendas. There you have it Femocrats, Moderates and women in general. Keep letting your lesbian “sisters” speak for you in Washington and Hollywood and Anti Feminist sentiment will continue to grow. We’re getting fed up with the foolishness. You moderates let them take what’s yours, for destiny’s sake kick those man haters all the way back into the LGBT. Let them shriek their man hate from there. It’s up to you to find the same strength of character that Gloria Steinham and Betty Freidan used to free you further in society. Don’t let their efforts be in vain.


I’ve turned into Bitch Teacher From The Seventh Circle of Hell



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