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Maggot pinoys

Maggot Fillipinos ! They are shameless, sluts whores prostitutes – sleep around w their boss to keep their jobs / anyone for money. They are also disgustingly obnoxious & ironically proud for not achieving anything in life except being cashiers & dishwashers. They are e parasites of earth , scum of e earth. Smile to yr face bt stab u in e back. 90% of them have AIDS or some form of STDS. Most of them scam white caucasian men / any rich men into a relationship. God will destroy their sinful, wicked country w fire one day. Even e blacks are not as detestable as them. Fillipinos are hated on e same level as the terrorists. Never seen a decent fillipino lady in my life. A Filipino guy colleague of mine confessed shamelessly he married 3 times. Said it as though he was really proud of his “achievement”. The worse race in e world. Just look at Pinoy president. That guy is a pyscho murderer. Fillipinos are the most digusting & detestable race on earth !




Disappointed, lonely, sad


  1. Fliphater

    They are fucking intolerable. Just a shithole that thinks they’re better than everyone. Yet outside no one likes them at all > certainly the worst country in Asia. They are dirty little rats that don’t know how to shut up (I know I sound racist and I’m being completely racist) None of them are attractive and both the men and the women look the same. Every Filipino I’ve met is stuck up and inconsiderate. They shouldn’t be proud of anything. Filipinos are the worst people and I hope I don’t meet anymore of them

    • Anonymous

      Still crying like a little bitch? Wow. Go see a therapist or something, or drink some bleach. Mother never hug you? Father never played with you? Filipino man fucked your wife? Hahaha loser.

  2. Fliphater

    I hate all flips, they all suck dick, and are the most inconsiderate assholes on the planet.

    They throw their trash everywhere but in the can, they make loud noisy and obnoxious neighbors… wish these monkeys would get the fuck out of here already

  3. Anonymous

    Your a fucking prick. Hating on a whole entire race over a few dumb bitches. Wish i could meet you so i could punch you in the fucking throat.

  4. X

    Maybe you got your heart broken by a Filipina that’s why you think that way. Well, I’m glad she left you ’cause you fucking deserve that. One more thing, you really don’t deserve a decent Filipina, you should find someone your kind.

  5. X

    Tang ina mo! Kahera man o taga hugas ng pinggan basta kumikita para mabuhay, sino ba hindi matutuwa doon.
    At pwede alamin mo muna yung totoo. 90% ng Pilipino may AIDS? Baka kayo yun. At sa pagkakaalam ko, kayong mga Kano ang yung mas maraming pokpok, ligal pa nga sa inyong bansa ang prostitusyon bilang trabaho eh… Ganyan kayo kalibog.

    (I’m a Filipino and yes I’m writing in Filipino for you not to understand. Let someone translate it for you asshole)

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