In school, I had my schedule switched from first-hour social studies to sixth-hour social studies. Which I thought I want till I got to class today. My so-called best friend, Caitlyn, told me my ex, Ian likes her. Good friends would end things there, heck some wouldn’t talk to them in the first place but Caitlyn flirted with him even though she has a boyfriend. It really bothered me because she has been acting like a big hoe lately. Moving on, there’s this boy. He is in that class and his name is John. Now when I had this class at the beginning of the year, we kinda had a thing but it ended once I left that class and I don’t think it’ll start up again. So, I told Caitlyn that I want to start dating again she instantly went to John and asked him if he remembered the beginning of the year. Being me, I got up and asked about it. He doesn’t know I know about him liking me at the beginning of the school year so he blew it off. I jokingly asked him if I needed to Caitlyn. John responded with a yea. It really ticked me off because I want a relationship that doesn’t need to be set up by a fake friend. If John wants to date he needs to talk to me himself. Not because someone told him too. Later when I was walking to the bus, I told my friend Gracie what happened with Caitlyn and John and Gracie said I need to get Caitlyn to stop. I have a feeling that Gracie might like John again but I’m not 100% sure. Besides, Gracie would tell me, right?