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Mass Delusion

Those that reproduce the most and are the most dangerous and group minded (racist or patriotic or strongly religious) inherit the earth
I am a descendant of such people though judging by the amount of wealth I was born into and the lack of hatred or intolerance I have I would have to say that I am not genetically close to this phenotype
The wealth in the world primarily comes from these sort of people but the common rhetoric is that God ie goodness is what drives things and everything will be ok. Google for example invests in all these projects to benefit mankind and yet they have made their money off ads from companies whose philosophy is greed and profit. How can they truly change the world. That is why people keep smiling even while they are being evil. The smile is a sign of comfort and only those that are comfortable in taking advantage of their fellow man are rewarded like vampires. According to modern society this is ok because the Vampire makes better use of what would otherwise be wasted ‘normal’ existence. I think that I am specifically not suppose to think about this. Like the story from the book ‘1984’ the world has turned truth upside down. The heroes are those that advocate for the system whilst the villains are those that live outside but no one talks about those that suffer for it. Sometimes it will make it’s way into films and books but it is mostly ignored. I would ignore it too if I could. We want life to be a bed of roses but require ever increasing luxurious lifestyles and expect and believe we deserve the labour of others. Money you see is labour. You exchange money for the product of labour. The system is rigged so that part of the population has to experience great stress to provide a disproportionate amount of labour to the rich or well off. We see this as ok because we get to take advantage of this system as well. We get cheap labour from others and so feel that we should keep this system that enslaves us. We are actually slaves that can’t give up our cotton shirts in a sense. My problem is that I think and this leads me to worry and this leads me to question my actions or at least what people offer and ask of me. Am I comfortable with the consequences of my actions however distant or subtle? Do I agree that people should suffer? Does the fact that people around me agree with the system mean that it is good? The answer to these questions puts a strain on my relationship with people. I allow myself to believe it’s my scars, clothes, appearance or some other embarrassing aspect of my existence but the truth is that I’ve simply looked at the Devil in the face whilst still being in hell and stated very clearly that I believe this is hell even if everyone goes crazy over dressing in white and hiding their blood stained hands in order to pretend it’s heaven.
This world is not a good place. People only exist because they have ignored reason in sufficient quantities to sustain a population. It’s not that the human brain is yet completely able to delude itself at least not for 100% of the population but rather that the few that do not delude themselves and therefore do not have children don’t really have an impact. But even if they did humans would simply die out and another species would take its place. At the end of the day evil will always win in that good is a created ideal where as evil is inherent. No one wants to say that because it breaks the illusion. For a mass delusion to work well most if not all the people must believe it and those that do not must be treated with such incredulity as to maintain that the delusion makes sense. In fact there is no good God because if there was such a being humans would not exist at least in the way that they exist today. No, if we have to admit that there is a God then this being is not good unless you take good to mean whatever he chooses. This is why I avoid religion because there is an elephant in the room so to speak. Someone who really believes in God has overridden some basic parts of the brain that would be required for true empathy. OF course many other things will do this but are usually some sort of group politics. I have understood this and so live alone because I would be no good to anyone as I am. Without delusion I would pose an existential quandary like the pig who will make jokes about the butcher when the rest of the pigs are pointing out that there is always hope and telling each other to continue as normal and simply pray.
The problem is I care what people think and this leads me to be depressed because I cannot meet their expectations. I am so far from perfect I don’t even think warp drive would get me there. The truth is that the city is filled with a whole lot of ‘Perfect’ people. People who were born with certain attributes that make them match the human ‘ideal’ or at least come close to it and who spend resources to approximate the ideal. I prefer to avoid such people because I never liked the idea of being a product. I see myself as human and flawed and seek understanding not adoration. Adoration does not need compassion and I do not feel comfortable without compassion.
Religion helps people rationalize their continued existence because in truth life has no real purpose and people reproducing is no different than roaches reproducing we just think it is more important. Rejecting religion means admitting that we are not special and moreover if we have had kids it destroys part of our rationalization for having done so. It’s harder to say I had an urge and had sex and the child just happened after that and we will suffer and die in the end and I am responsible for all my actions and just to top it all off I can die at any time maybe even suffer extreme pain as there is no ‘Angel’ watching over me.
There is nothing better than a good delusion. If you have sufficient delusions even the most inane life can seem worthwhile. A good example would be how tax collectors may subscribe to the idea of civic duty. The problem is that the only real answer by a rational brain to the true uncertainty of life is death especially if there is no option for any real shielding from what we consider bad things. In other words the rich may have the option to be atheists without any significant effect on their coping mechanisms but the poor are left with a hard pill to swallow. Not only is there no purpose in life but they are so poor that without God making them ‘important’ they may not find any value in their existence. It’s like a chicken or cow finding out the real purpose of its creation. Imagine now that the cattle have a religion based around a denial of the purpose of the slaughterhouse. In this religion breeders are angels that facilitate child bearing and the slaughterhouse is a gateway to heaven to some or just an illusion to others. In leaving religion the cow would have to say I am food and most of me may not even be good enough even for that.

I do not understand why people with inheritable diseases have children or why governments work against their own citizens’ well being and conscience with their policies. It makes me seriously question the human organism.

You see people like to refer to ‘others’ who make mistake or are exposed for corruption as though these others are fundamentally different. I disagree. It is part of our approach to life as a species that is fundamentally flawed. We try to get away with too much and don’t have sufficient self control mechanisms in place. For a species to move beyond our state it would have to negate the ‘Lord of the Flies’ tendency toward the abuse of power and lack of self regulation. That is why I created rules for myself.

I decided that I was not as I would like to believe a good person. Rather this is a fiction of my mind to argue away the negative consequences of my actions on others. SO for example if I steal am I being bad. I tell myself no, because I am good and was only doing so because etc etc but this is rationalization and is usually full of self deception. I steal because at the my most basic I am a living organism and that is itself simply an expression of a principle. The principle is that any probable action may be attempted and any that produces an agreeable outcome will usually be repeated and refined. If I try stealing and it benefits me without being caught I will refine and repeat. If I am caught then it is bad and I develop guilt but if I am not then it is good. This means that I am fundamentally corrupt as there is no self judgement that analyses my behaviour objectively. In that sense you should trust a computer conscience more than you would trust your conscience which is biased and subjective and subject to your own interests and perceived self interests. This makes it prone to fictitious conclusions.

Instead you should seek to impose upon yourself strict rules that cannot be broken. In other words you need to create your own higher conscience because contrary to popular philosophy conscience is not natural at least not an ideal conscience.


I really hate my In Laws


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  1. Anonymous

    Great points by the way, thanks for sharing. I don’t have much time to respond all but here is my quick, and live thought on purpose.

    On purpose:
    If a plant’s primary purpose is photosynthesis.
    If a vacuum robot was design for the purpose of cleaning and it does.
    If part of the Sun’s purpose is emit heat & energy, and it does.
    If the heart’s function in the body is to maintain life by pumping blood via the circulatory system and it does.

    If all the above statements are true, then, why is it that humans have to purpose. If proven that humans really have not purpose in a system governed by God, then my next thought would be that “humans” are a new species of purpose creation.

  2. Anonymous

    Wow. Stated perfectly.

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