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I hate working at McDonalds. The managers and other crew members treat the younger ones and the more newer employees like trash. They’re constantly rude to us and speak to us like a child when most are only 2 or 3 years older. They don’t train you anything, they just expect you to know what you’re doing. The employees that have been there for years seem to forget how difficult it is to be a new person in the job. They scream at you whenever you do something wrong or don’t know how to do something because you haven’t been trained for it. The managers threaten to fire us if we are sick and unable to come to our shifts. The policy is to ring in at least 2 hours before your shift but no matter how many hours you ring in before, they still scream at you down the phone and usually ask for proof of you being ill. The managers in my store are rude and not polite to anyone including customers. Another thing, legally we are meant to have breaks every 4 hours but they don’t give them us. If you do any shift less than 8 hours, they most likely will not give you a break unless you beg for one. If you are lucky enough to get a break, it will be whenever they choose a time (it could be half an hour into your shift, in the middle after 4 hours, or just before your shift ends).
The store itself is disgusting. The floors are so dirty and when someone is asked to mop and dry mop, they either don’t do it, or they just do the bit of the floor where the managers will see. Kitchen is even worse. There is oil everywhere and all over the floor, it’s like a slip and slide. They constantly drop food on the floor and just put it back in the baskets or back in the boxes to serve for customers.




Miss Invisible



    Thanks for your hard work all those who posted. How disgusting that they treat you like this.

  2. Anonymous

    I got fired from mcdonalds the other day because i had a really bad cold and it turned into me constantly vomitting and so i rang in because its unhygienic for me to be near food when im this ill (not that they care about hygiene) and my manager was shouting at me down the phone saying i was lying and then when i told her i actually wasn’t and i couldn’t stop being sick, she told me i would have to have a discussion about this issue with the store managers. they basically fired me because they thought i was lying about being ill when i wasn’t

  3. Anonymous

    Yeah, and when you’re put onto till or headset and you have to greet customers and take their orders, you always get screamed at by the managers. I always act happy and really polite when I’m talking to a customer and still my managers want to go sick at me. They usually go sick that I ask ‘anything else?’ when there is a pause or if I forget to ask ‘Can I interest you in our 2 for 1 apple pies?’ like no body wants apple pies. The managers only go mad because it’s a competition for the store in my area to sell the most and win £300 for a night out.

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