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ok soooo HIGHKEY met this guy on a cruise. he flirted with me. i have him my number. he texted me ONCE and hasn’t since. i followed him on insta. he followed me back but won’t text me?? i don’t get ittt


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  1. Ugly duck

    I am guessing you are both in your 20’s.. If you haven’t heard women mature at a much faster rate than men do.

    By their late teens or early twenties females want the house with the picket fence , the 2.5 kids,and the dog. In other words they are ready to make a lifetime comittment to that one special guy.

    Guys that age are just looking for the next dumb slut whose panties they can con their way into (not saying you are a dumb slut just stating how y oung guys think)

    Guys for the most part don’t mature to the point of wanting to settle down with that one special girl til they hit about 35.

    You didn’t say whether or not you two hooked up on the cruise. If you did then there is your answer. He got what he wanted and is probably on to somone new.

    If you didn’t hook up maybe he was a bit drunk when he was flirting with you and has since sobered up and realized you are not his type but is too embarrassed to say so. (Please don’t take tjat as a dig at your looks. I have no clue what you look like and some guys can be dumb when it comes to their opinion of what is beautiful)

    Other than that I got nothing. Sorry that I couldn’t give you a more clear answer.

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