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Middle age is bullshit

This is a period in life that is supposed to build wisdom. This is the summer season of life, when I should begin the harvest of all I have grown. I am sick of it. I grew a sick little crop. I make a turn and am blocked by a self imposed rule. There is no freedom here. Yes, this is where the midlife crisis is born.

I suffer and toil, I support a wife and three children. I work out. I go to night school. I am discovering that despite how hard you work, you might be making the wrong choices. You might be wasting your time. You might be expending all of your enery to build a plot for your success, and you may still fail. That is a painful realization!! Despite all of your hard work, you may be a fool and all of your time is wasted. I meant for this to be a complaint about my wife and all of the suffering she inflicts but what the fuck. That’s just the way of things. The kids are a pain too, and hopefully one of them makes enough to keep me alive or at least someone visits me at the hospital. I am busting my ass (at least I’m sitting at some shitty desk that saps all my energy even if I don’t give a fuck about what I’m doing), constantly making up dreams that will make me float to the top and survive, even though its bullshit and i’ll be working for the next thirty years plus.


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  1. Anonymous

    You’re not alone in your situation, even if you’re in the minority of those selfaware and willing to admit this. I’ve seen it so many times.

  2. Anonymous

    Did you plan for this life you lead? Are you where you thought you would be when you were a kid? Did someone force you to marry and to have three kids? Why do we complain when we are forced to lie in the beds we make for ourselves? Go do SOMETHING! Get in your car and drive to a place of beauty and re-charge your batteries. No one EVER promised you a rose garden.

  3. Tim

    Tired of the bullshit

    • Roger

      God,,It almost sounds like your shackled to some indistinct cubicle lost amidst a sea of of pasty bureaucrat faces struggling to make sense of it all. Man, I hope it isn’t you who are complicit in making up more and more forms for the rest of us to try figure out. And another thing,,It almost sounds like you’re stuck living in some big city. I could be wrong, but if I’m not, then I pity your choice of living packed in with tons of other depressed souls breathing machine fumes and looking at human faces all the time instead of mountains, lakes, wild animals, and just some plain old greenery. Sounds to me like you and your family are getting toxic from city living. Get further out from downtown if you can or at the very least do as many week-ends in the country where you and your wife can clear your minds. Unplug from the gadgets as much as possible,,her too. No texting full time on week ends. Take the time for you and her. Insist on it. Good luck.

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