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Misleading signals

I met this girl a few months ago and after meeting her a few times, I decided to confess my feelings to her and to see if she felt the same way, she said she will think about it and that’s that. Several months passed, we met occasionally and texted regularly, she seemed happy to be around me and then out of a sudden, texts were ignored, the usual things that happen when the guy did something wrong, but as far as I’m concerned I didn’t do anything or say anything bad or hurtful to her. I’m just confused as to what signals she is trying to portray, it makes me frustrated and sometimes sad thinking I guess I’m not that important to her at all and it’s all been very one sided. My heart wants to carry on the uphill battle to win her over because she is special and my very first love. Well guess the saying first love never last is rather true eh?


Heartbroken by first love


why tf do i need a title

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  1. Someone who has been there

    SMS is the lame way to communicate. Ring her up or ask her in person a straight closed ended question: yes or no.

    She had a few months already so the outcome is obvious and you wouldn’t come off as too strong from a female perspective:

    If yes: Great!
    If no: Thank her for her honesty and move on
    If indecisive or wishy-washy: Don’t give her any more time and walk away as fast as you can

    The third option is the worst. They’re just an attention whore who is asking for trouble and if she sinks her fangs into you, it’ll be game over for sure. Instantaneous or gradual? Don’t bother waiting to find out!

    See? It’s not that hard. Maybe for first timers since all emotions are fresh and tender. But once you’ve been around, it’s the same laundry pile, just different order.

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