OK, so I know there are people younger than me out there who are sacrificing so much for their family money wise, but I believe that somehow our situations are different (I just tell myself this so I don’t feel so bad about being upset) Anyways, I’m 16 years old and have a part time job and I earn enough money to have paid for my ticket and my sisters ticket to go overseas. I’m also giving her money for her to spend overseas even though she’s older, jobless and lazy. Tomorrow our Dad is taking us shopping to buy her a new backpack and new shoes. Don’t mean to be a bratty jealous child but I just find it so unfair how I work 5 times a week almost 8 hours everyday to save up enough money and both my parents can see how much it’s stressing me out but they just waste their money on unnecessary shit for my ungrateful older sister. She literally does nothing yet gets everything she wants handed to her when she pleases. While my Mum tells me off for being ‘selfish’ or ‘tight’ with money when the only reason I am is so I can save up enough money for in case Mum needs it. Both my parents regularly borrow money off me and I don’t stress them out by asking for it, I usually just wait until they have enough money to give it to me without having to ask. Recently Dad borrowed $250 and still hasn’t paid me back even though he got paid 2 nights ago. And he has enough money to take my older sister shopping so I just don’t get why he can’t pay me back. If I ask for the money he’ll just get angry and say something like im selfish or uptight etc. its just really unfair and makes me feel shitty how I sacrifice so much and they don’t see that and they’re blinded by spoiling my sister too much to realise how much this is stressing me out. I feel like I shouldn’t have the weight of the world when it comes to money especially. But I do and there’s nothing they do about that. End of rant ughhhhh