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Morality and Common Sense. Where do they come from?

People bother me.

Tell me this, if there was no religion, what would be the point of being “good”? Where would “morals” come into play? These aspects were created because if you lived a humble and self-giving life, you would in turn be rewarded in the afterlife. What would be the point of being a “good person” if there was no faith. If religion didn’t exist, we would all potentially be selfish ungrateful savages that don’t care for others due to the fact that it just “doesn’t matter”.

The only reason why the golden rule is to “treat others how you would want to be treated” is because a religion was formed on respecting and loving others. Where would the fundamentals of doing such come from if there was no religion. So before you say everything is pointless, think about the good that you have crossed paths with in your life. Even if you haven’t had much, think about the things you take for granted. That car that let you in front of him even if it was his turn to go. That “sorry” you got at the coffee shop after someone bumped into you. That time when you left your wallet or credit card somewhere, and you came back 10 minutes later to find it in the custody of the cashier; that person didn’t have to pick it up on the ground or on a desk, they could’ve taken it.

Now some of these things may sound like plain “etiquette” or “common sense”, but where do these components from your daily life root back to?



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  1. LOVE

    I don’t know If this is the right answer but all things are connected to God, God is good so anyone who’s against him is bad, He said thou shall not kill and if you kill your bad, Thou shall not steal, if you did you are bad…it might be not the answer for morality and common sense but still it can have some sense even just lil

  2. Anonymous

    I get the idea. But, honestly due to there being no after life one should take this life as ever more so important and precious. If you only have one chance to live it I wouldn’t want to be doing it by hurting others, because I honestly wouldn’t want someone to do that to me. I’m sure there would be people that believe that and others that would still be shitty. It just would be natural human nature and not via religious concerns. Matt Dillahunty had a good answer to this common question but, that is basically where I stand. I have not ruled out the idea of god completely. I honestly see an infinite universe as some sort of ‘God’. I just don’t know if it is sentient on some level.

    At least that is my current position.
    Take care!

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