I fell into a bad spot 2yrs ago and feel behind I got caght up after selling part of my buisness I was back even with the mortgage 3 months later another down turn this time I go down 4 months and by the time im back on track its month 5 and I have entered in the mortgage companys so called help plan which was required in order for me to make monthly payments. Fast forward 12 months later and I am still 5 months behind and no resolution from them. I have made payments every month over the past year and still no help. More than once they have asked for the same documents. More than once they have declared my package of documents complete and said my application was being moved to the next level. ???. Today after another email which was sent in all caps, which to me and most would denote shouting, another request was made for documents already sent. Twice! I just want to move the 5 payments im behind to the end of the loan. Why is that so hard.