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From reading books almost like everyday, mothers are suppose to make their child feel less sad and etc. Like when someone calls you ugly, you’re mother will say ‘You’re not ugly.You’re beautiful.’ And something like that, but that’s the opposite of what my mother is. She sometimes calls me a Witch because of my hair which is sometimes uncombed, that’s why I tie my hair always. She calls me stupid because I can’t perform my tasks right. She calls me dumb, clumsy,ugly,ignorant and all other things. Sometimes I cry because of her harsh words. She scolds me almost like everyday. She doesn’t appreciate things I’ve done for her. Even sometimes it’s hard for me to say I love you to her without meaning it. Why? Why is she like this? To me?! She’s so nice to everybody except me.


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  1. Anonymous

    my moms the same.

  2. Anonymous

    That’s what all moms do I thought…

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The place to rant