I go off to college this fall, which is a big change for me because it’s three hours away from where I’ve called home for the past 6 years. 6 years ago, I moved 400 miles to a new state with my family because my dad got transferred with work. It bothered me a lot to be moving so far away from the only place I had ever called home, but I dealt with it. Now, a few weeks ago, my dad decided that this summer, we’re moving back. Not to the same town I grew up in, but almost 10 minutes away from there. Two years ago, we started building a house, and moved in a little over a year ago. We worked so hard on this, and he already has it listed to sell. This summer was supposed to be my last summer with my family, my last summer home, and my time to be with family. Instead, my dad has chosen this summer to be all about moving the rest of my family back to where I had once called home. I just feel like after living in our current house for a year and a half, we shouldn’t just up and leave, but that’s what he wants. He just does what he wants and expects the rest of us to follow him. Thanks, dad, for making my last summer with you guys hell by making me not only move out to college, but also move out of the house we worked so hard on to build.