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-muslim shit eating pigs should get out of America

I often hear those retarded subhuman fucks [aka muslims] saying the US constitution speaks of freedom of religion. What those low IQ mohammed worshippers don’t know is that what the founding fathers meant by “religion” was “christianity” and so the freedom of religion Thomas Jefferson and friends meant was the freedom to practice any branch/interpretation of CHRISTIANITY Americans wanted! The Pilgrim Fathers and founding fathers knew about islam-and did not regard islam as a religion [nor should any sane person]. Many Americans were being captured by Islamic idiots along the Barbary Coast around 1776. They knew this crap called islam was the enemy of America and Western Civilization and in no form meant freedom of religion as freedom to practice something as despicable as islam. So all you fucking muslim bastard retards go back to your stupid 3rd world desert shitholes and knock your head to your stupid allah 5 times a day. Go practice your shit, but not in THESE UNITED STATES!!! And all who agree say “AMEN!”






  1. Anonymous

    ^ “You’re probably white and rich” So you are racist to your own race?

    Anyways, I remember having this Pakistani and muslim pair of dudes that were the most spoiled pieces of shit. They always fuck around with teachers and students in my school, go around and just try to intimidate people, treat school equipment like shit. Disgusted me.

  2. Anonymous

    Forcing them to get out will make them feel not welcomed, they’re are many Islamic countries and once we do that to them someday they will have a reason to do the same action that we did towards them.

  3. Anonymous

    excuse me but you’re the disgusting peace of shit. the united states would be NOTHING without immigrants. i’m white as fuck but i think cultured people are amazing, muslim, jewish, any culture whatsoever. the world is built on diversity so fuck off you pig. you’re probably white and rich.

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