I have been best friends with Kat (fake name) for almost 8 or 9 years since childhood. As we separated in our own ways after high school. Since that, we both changed a lot and our taste in things as well. Even though we don’t see each other much and talk to each other as much we still are very close to one another when we see each other like we always do. But my best friend Kat made friends with this girl named Patricia (fake name) and the thing is that, Patricia gets super jealous of Kat being with anyone else. Here is where it all goes wrong, Patricia hates me, Kats friends and even her family even though none of us know who the hell she is. I thought that this girl looked like a sweet person but it turns out that she is overly obsessed with Kat. Even though Kat knows that Patricia is very controlling and is overly obssessed with her, she still continues to be with her. I’m not jealous in any way, I’m just disappointed in Kat’s way of thinking that she thinks she can change how Patricia is. You simply can’t change a person just because you think you can. Kat’s family and other friends don’t like that Kat is hanging out with her. Kat’s Older sister told me that she feels that Kat is starting to change into a different person because of Patricia. Honestly, I don’t want her to be friends with someone like that, its just not how Kat usually is. I’m just sad to see this happening. I am not going to do anything about this because I feel like it’s up to Kat’s decision.