I’m currently a female in high school and this is probably an immature post but I just need to tell someone who will listen.
so my boyfriend and I have been dating for three months today (thanks to my best friend who set us up). My best friend admitted to having a crush on me for the past year and has told me many….un-catholic things that he’s thought about doing with me which has (of course) made me feel uncomfortable around his presence. This is where the problem starts. My best friend and I used to always sit together until his developed this new ‘crush’ on a girl and left me. By myself. So I sat alone at a lunch table until my soon-to-be boyfriend joined me and we developed a friendship which became a relationship. As soon as we publicly announced that we were dating, my ‘best friend’ instantly came back and pretended as if nothing had happened between us. I was pissed, VERY pissed and still am. Soon enough we all become best buddies again and sit together at a large table with other good friends of mine.
NOW this is where I loose my sh*t.
My boyfriend and I were sitting next to eachother at the table and were holding hands. We were laughing at an inside joke when suddenly, my boyfriend is pushed away from me and my best friend comes and sits inbetween us and PULLS my hand out of his grasp and into his. I try and pull my hand out of his but he doesn’t let go. After this happening on multiple occasions, my boyfriend confronted my now ex-best friend and they got into a fist-fight. My ex-best friend still thinks we’re great buddies but we’re really not.