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My Best Friend?

This guy and I have been friends for 4 years. Throughout those years, he’s seen me at my worst, and at my best. He’s helped me through things I couldn’t possibly express my gratitude for. He has always been right there for me, and has always been someone I can open up to.
We both recently graduated high school, and are both attending the same college. We also go to a summer camp together, which is how we met, and will be there for 2 weeks together this summer. This camp is the highlight of my summer, and we have gone for 4 years together. Some of my best memories are from this camp. I am so excited to go with him again!
We have a few classes together next year, which is so comforting to know that someone I get along with so well will be right there with me, as we undergo our freshman year of college.
He and I have always been so close, but what if there’s something else there?
A few years ago, I started seeing him as more than a friend, and we even went to a school dance together, and had a blast! The feeling didn’t last long because then we both got caught up in different parts of our lives, and weren’t as close for a period of time, but right after that, we bounced back to how we used to be and it was like nothing had even changed.
He makes me happy. Plain and simple. He doesn’t even have to do anything, and he makes me happy. He is such a kind-hearted person, and is just incredible.
We hung out, just us, for the first time in a long time the other day. We sat and talked for about three hours, and then watched a movie together. We were laughing so hard, that I was crying, and he was laughing at my laughing, and it was just an unforgiving cycle of laughter. I haven’t felt that good in a long time. At some point during the movie, he started to slump over and lean towards me, but I didn’t really move because I wasn’t sure what was happening. We then started laughing uncontrollably, and I ended up hitting his head with my hand opposite to the side facing him, and he grabbed my hand and just sat with his hands around my one.
We finished the movie sitting like this, and I don’t know. It just felt good and almost right..but I just don’t want to get the wrong impression from him, and vice versa. I would love to see where this could possibly go, but is it too crazy of an idea? To have such an amazing friendship possibly blossom into something else would be such an adventure I would love to take on, but I don’t want to lose the friendship he and I have built together. I haven’t had anyone like this in my life before, and I am so afraid of losing him. I just can’t. I guess I’ll just have to see where this takes me, and if it ends ill, maybe that’s how it was supposed to go. Wish me luck.


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