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My bitchass Geography teacher

Omfg in geography today we were looking at Hurricane Katrina and because I’m that bitch, i quoted the vine “Hurricane Katrina? More like hurricane tortilla!” And so I said that and my geography teacher was like “You are being disrespectful! Real people died during this disaster!” And and he was like “THAT IS SO RUDE! HOW DO YOU THINK THE DECEASEDS FAMILY WOUALD FEEL?! DETENTION!” so yea I’m currently writing this in detention so if Mr. Norbury sees this, EAT A DICK


why do people need drama ??


“Friend” kuno


  1. Anonymous

    So you said something insensitive and got in trouble. Welcome to the real world. After 18 you will be arrested and put in jail with a possible fine for saying stupid insensitive things. Hope you learn from your horrible, emotionally disturbing detention experience that maybe, feelings and lives matter. Imagine seeing your family die in front of you, or your mom swept away in the water. Gone forever with nothing but a last scream to remember them by. Would you make that dumb joke? No. Cuz it’s not funny. Death isn’t funny. Losing family isn’t funny. Losing your house, pet, pictures, phone…not funny. Just because others are insensitive, does not make it ok. Don’t be dumb. Get smart and grow up before it’s too late.

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