I don’t know what to do anymore, every time I feel like things are going good, they aren’t. My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year -give or take a few months- but we’ve also been on and off throughout this whole spiel. So a few months ago I almost called it quits with him -due to a whole bunch of problems that he was going through, me stressing over it, and just me not being happy and what not- and then decided that that was too much because I still have weird feelings for him. So I called for a break, through the entire break he’d ask me over and over again if I would be his girlfriend again, and yeah, I know what you’re thinking, “When you go on a break aren’t you suppose to like, ya’ know, not see each other at all?” Yeah, it was weird, but I needed rides to and from work a lot and he was always there to help me, it got to the point where I actually switched my schedule around so he wouldn’t have to pick me up anymore, I felt bad, and also, yeah, we were supposed to be on a break. But there were times where he absolutely insisted on picking me up so only naturally I said yeah. So basically our break wasn’t a healthy break, I ended up trying to move on while he was still hooked on me. Although oddly enough I feel as though the tables have turned, I’m over all this stress and I just want to be in a happy relationship, but now it seems as though he’s trying to get over me, but I’m ready to fix anything and everything that was wrong with our relationship, no matter what anyone else thinks or says. It’s just so hard and so confusing having to go through all of this.