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my boyfriend is so fuckinf stupid man

So basically my boyfriend and i were like really happy till like 2018 started and ever since it fucking started he has been such a dick he went on a break with me for fucking four months and then just because i still “loved” him i took him back into my life.He is just so fucking stupid oh god i can’t even.He went on a break because he just literally used to be so fucking disinterested and distant with me so i fought with him one day and he broke up with me.His communication was so bad i never knew what was up with his life.After four months when we got back we still kept having little quarrels.Just a few days ago that fucking asshole started behaving distant and disinterested again and i told him that,”you are acting weird again just like you did four months ago.Im having a feeling that you have stopped caring” and he fuckinf didn’t even bother if i broke up with him.Not only that,he even texted this whore i had (let’s give her an imaginary name,Let’s call her Aria) so he literally unblocked aria and started texting her on snapchat within less than even 24 hours of us dating and then he literally fucking sent her snaps and shit and so did she(i have no clue what type of snaps they exchanged) and when we were chilling the next day after like sorting our fight out he fucking tried to “clear the conversation” with her so that i couldn’t see it but i fucking saw it and he tried to deny it and that fucking stupid bastard didn’t accept it till i fucking showed him.I WAS SO FUCKING PISSED OFF.The day we broke up he told me “i never knew your worth as a girlfriend” i couldn’t be more fucking furious.When i yelled at him for saying that and for texting that girl he got annoyed and said that i’m being a bad girlfriend and that we had “broken up” that time .WE HAD LITERALLY NOT EVEN BROKEN UP FOR A DAY AND HE ALREADY STARTED TEXTING SLUTS MAN WTF.Another thing which happened today was that my birthday is coming in a few days and he fuckinf told me the gift he is giving me.HE IS SO SO SO STUPID IH MY GOD I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO AM I EVEN FUCKINF WRONG OVER HERE?!?!?!ahsjsjahkasj IM SO MAD WHO THE FUCK IN THEIR RIGHT MINDS TELL THEIR GIRLFRIEND THE GIFT THEY ARE GIVING HER ON HER FUCKINF BIRTHDAYYYY!!!!!!!Guys pls help do y’all think i am wrong or i should break up or like what?!?!




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  1. Anonymous

    for the birthday gift, maybe he doesn’t understand that you would like to be surprised. we’re all different and maybe he thought since he didn’t want to be surprised, neither would you.
    As for the messaging other girls, he will continue to do it each time. He doesn’t seem to appreciate you as a person, and I think you do not deserve this treatment. There is definitely someone out there who would appreciate you instead of running off to find someone else all the time. Girl, know your damn worth.

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