Holy fucking shitting tits is he a fucking piece of shit sometimes. With an 8 year age gap between us he thinks he can do whatever the fuck he wants to me and get the fuck away with it. Always steals fucking money from my wallet like the sperm drinking hobknocking cocksucking shitdick he is and thinks I’m too dumb to notice when he steals a $20 bill. So fucking bipolar, too. One minute he’s in my room playfully talking to me and the next he gives me a motherfucking death threat in the most grave and serious tone too. Shitbag shouldn’t make serious threats he can’t carry out, especially when loss of life is involved. Holy fucking shit why am I even living in the same house as this rat. He’s going to school and all but holy shit did you fuck up your future in college. No matter how much I fuck up i’m gonna be better off than this guy. Did I mention he has anger issues? Do the fucking slightest thing to this trash and he acts like you destroyed his precious fucking car. Oh but when he does shit like steal money from me without even having the fucking common courtesy to at least tell me and promise to pay me back he acts like it’s all fine and dandy. Fucking asshole. Another thing, we’re both PC gamers so our computers are right next to each other. One minute I’m doing something and he’s giggling at some video he’s watching with the most sickeningly disheartening laugh known to man and the fucking next he tells me in a disgusting tone of voice to stop playing. You fucking cunt I’m down there for fucking 20 seconds and you tell me to fuck off, but you’re on that fucking rig of yours all night long like the unemployed piece of shit you are? I don’t know how I’m gonna die, either from killing myself after taking enough of your shit or contracting lung cancer from your shitty smoking habits. For this one I know it’s hard to quit and I’m down at our computers where it smells like the embodiment of nicotine, but PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD have the fucking common decency of the lowest existent life form to NOT FUCKING SLEEP IN MY FUCKING BED. I understand I’m part of this too but fucking seriously do you really wanna give me lung cancer? Every fucking day my bed gets Hiroshima’d by your fucking smoke and I’m fucking sick of it. Every day you take away my will to live and sometimes I really wish you would actually commit to your death threats to me and pull that fucking trigger, anything to get me the fuck out of this putrid fucking shitsack of a world.