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Ok so not a lot of people know this and I want to get it off my chest since my own parents would probably never believe me or hear me out but when I was younger like hmm 6?7? Me and my parents were at this persons house & they had a son who was literally well off into his teen years he took me to his room to just play while his and my parents were out buying food & he placed me on his lap and started making me grind on him. Now at the time I didn’t have the slightest idea on what the fuck was going on and I’m probably thinking like ok a game? He kept grinding me and bouncing me on his lap ( clothed thank goodness ) & he came in his pants I literally cannot fucking forget this I was a child yes but when you look back and think of that fucking trauma that happened you start to get aware I can’t remember if he touched me afterwards everything from then on was a blur adding ontop to the fact I was also abused physically and mentally by my own mother & which now I’m 18 & she’s begged for forgiveness on how she was I don’t see her as a mother anymore nor did I ever love her I can’t trust her with this & my dad was someone I’d see in the summers & he never made an effort to help me when I would tell him these things. I get very nervous and scared when a guy wants to touch me intimately , I’m scared of having a boyfriend I hate social places . I just feel like I can’t do fucking anything like I’m useless and dirty and repulsive


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  1. Anonymous

    Thats not your dark secret. Its his, he did something wrong and should be ashamed. You did NOTHING wrong and have nothing to ashamed of. That guy can go fuck off for what he did to you.

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