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my ex friends bf

There is this guy at our school who came into our school late in the year. He was so cute. And all the girls liked him. He had ADHD and had to take medicines. They made him shy and he never talked. He was in my english class but I realzied that he would never notice me.I never even tried to talk to him, but one day he came up and talked to me. He hadn’t taken his meds that day and we had so much in common that i really liked him.He hasn’t taken his meds since that day, and he is so funny and outgoing. I’m his bestfriend and he is mine. But his girlfriend is the problem. She treats him like a dog and he doesn’t have the heart to break up with her. She follows him everywhere and in his words “the most annoying girl ive ever met” she tells him what to do and what not to do and doesn’t let him hang out with his friends. He is VERY athletic and is a gymnast. I told him that he should do cheer. He wanted to, but his girl said no. No surprise. I told him to do it once and for all. We have never had a male cheerleader at our school. He made it. He’s actually happy. His girlfriend is so mad at me. She used to be my best friend. But now there are runmors going around about me that aren’t true. Shes mad and thinks im trying to take him away from her. He would never go for me. We are close friends. Im not attractive. Idek what i did for all these people to hate me. He isnt allowed to talk to me. He does and that gf if mad. This bullying is getting to my depression. My anxiety is up. I feel ded all the time. He is worried because i was 98 pounds and i dropped 5 pounds from not eating. I try to run my worries away: 7 miles a day. It helps, but only when im running.


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Heartbroken by first love

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  1. Someone who has been there

    I don’t know whether you’re being a lousy friend or you’re being used by the guy… most likely you’re both.

    If this guy actually likes you, he will break up with the girlfriend for you. The fact he’s still with her says more than anything else.

    Second of all, do you really like him or you’re doing it to spite your ex-friend? If you dislike your ex-friend, why would you want to take her man away? It doesn’t make sense.

    Or did the friendship died as a result of you going after a taken man? Most morals dictate you don’t go for guys your friends been with.

    Either way, no sympathies from me. Even if you say you’re just friends, I don’t think the rest of the school sees that. You’re better off laying low or else tell the guy if he is a true friend to tell your ex-friend to back off.

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