my family is a group of assholes. literally if i could be born onto the streets, but away from them, i think i would. i’m sorry, am i the only one who realizes that a relationship with people can’t be based on fucking titles? it’s not that black and white people! “oh yea, but she’s the mom!” yea? well fuck my mom! i’m so sick of her “woah is me/i’m so selfless feel bad for me” act! she recently helped plan her sisters funeral, and apparently nobody in this world has done that, because she’s just some american hero in her mind. somebody get this bitch on ellen!! really, the only thing she’d ever be famous for was ‘record amount of cigarettes you can smoke in one sitting’, or maybe ‘how much can you fuck up your child’s mental/physical health’. she yells at me just because she’s mad about other shit and i’m her least favorite child, ( which she will willingly admit ) and then talks shot about me to my brothers and convinces them that i’m some sort of convict! my relationship with everybody who once loved me is literally shattered because of one fucking evil woman who i can’t escape! my dad is a racist, homophobic drunk too! i can’t stand watching him tear down literally every minority just because he’s a rich, spoiled, white man, and then call me a “prude” for standing up for them?!?! i disown my family entirely. they’re disgusting to me, and i just want to leave.