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My first dog

Five years ago, my mom surprised me with a beautiful white poodle. I loved her!
On our first day, we went on a walk. As soon as she stepped into my home, she pooped on the floor. No problem, she must have been overwhelmed.
I spent my time training her. She could only learn sit and would never even THINK about laying down for me.
Three years later, we got another puppy. This time, a black poodle boy. As soon as he walked in, our girl peed a massive puddle right in front of him. She must have been stressed out from the new arrival!
Now, coming to the present. I litter trained her, right? She used to always wait to go outside in our backyard. Nowadays, she doesn’t bother! Instead of waiting for me to wake up and let her go outside (like the male, he’s a good boy and almost never pees inside), EVERY MORNING I have to clean a new giant puddle of pee and a big pile of poop. And it’s at the same place every day. She stays outside ALL DAY, and as soon as she comes inside she goes to a secret place and poops there! I don’t know what’s wrong with her!!
Another problem. She hates her food, and will beg us by staring with those dark eyes so we throw a few scraps of human food when we’re eating. We can’t eat in peace with her! Every time we have guests and it’s dinner time, she immediately goes under their feet, staring at them from below. It’s annoying. I tell her to go away and eat her own food, but she comes back after two minutes. Does she think that I won’t notice her?
ANOTHER problem. She smells badly.
Because she doesn’t eat very often (and instead begs us for scraps), her teeth don’t clean themselves. Her breath STINKS. It’s unbeliavable. I give both of my dogs dental sticks daily for them to chew on. My boy’s teeth are almost white, and his breath doesn’t smell.
Another thing with the smell. I haven’t bathed the boy in about a month or two. I bathed the girl only about a week ago. And guess what. SHE SMELLS MUCH WORSE THAN THE BOY. Been to the vet, healthy.
Not really a problem, but something on my nerves. She is such a diva that she hates walking in any snow or slightly wet weather. Why??
I’m thinking about giving her to someone else who can maybe fix her and keep her as an indoor dog. I can’t take this anymore. I’ve moved her to sleeping outside so I don’t wake up to daily poop and pee, and I also don’t wake up to a smelly house because of her.
The boy is such a better dog. I imported him from another country, and it was like he was born to live with me. I never thought that I could love a dog so much. He is a very funny pup, and brightens up my day.
That was my rant. Needed to get that off my chest.





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  1. Anonymous

    lol so cute i also have a cat exactly like that she;s so annoying yes but once they get sick. u get sooo worried and u will have to take them to vet and when they get treated and back to home its liek u dont care anymore what messy things they do u just love them and glad that they’re alive

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