I’m a newbie in the restaurant setting. I work as a waitress and it’s been about 2 weeks now since I started. Today, I served a table that was apparently VERY disappointed with my services. When it was time to pay, they wanted to use their debit card. We usually just insert the card chip into a tablet device we have, but their card didn’t have a chip so I had to bring it up to the counter to swipe instead. The machine wasn’t responding to the swipes so I took the card to find my manager to figure out what was going on. According to them I was “wandering aimlessly with their card.” The wife and daughter decided to leave pretty bad reviews about me (even naming me and all) on yelp, stating that I wasn’t “the brightest.” It’s been beating me up all night, it’s 4AM and I just can’t sleep because the anxiety is just so great. I really feel like I f***ed up. I probably shouldnt be taking this so deep to heart, but being a socially awkward person, it’s really tearing me apart..