there’s this girl I’ve been friend with since third grade and everyone EVERYONE loves her & we go to the same school and we have to be together for the next six years and she’s a braggart, hypocrite, loud, did I mention braggart who always steps on others peoples toes and says it’s dumb when ppl do something then does the same and no one cares because she gets good grades. This other girl makes fun of gay people and trans ppl and she’s friends with everyone also so I’m angry cuz for school we need to sell things and they’re working together AND THEY STOLE MY WIRE RINGS THAT I MADE THEM IN FIFTH GRADE AND THEY MADE A CHEAP VERSION OF THEM AND THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT HOW HARD MODELING WAS WHEN LITERALLY IT WAS WALKING AROUND AND TAKING SELFIES WHICH WAS SOMETHKNG THEY CRITISIZED BECAUSE IT WAS A DUMB THING THAT MADE THEM NOT LIKE OTHER GIRLS AND THE ONLY THING THEY TALK ABOUT IS MAKING FUN OF MY FRIEND FOR NOT BEING STREET SMART LEGIT IN SIXTH GRADE THEY TEASED MY FRIEND FOR NOT WATCHING CASPER THE GHOST AND MADE AN ENTIRE GROUP OF PPL TEASE HER UNTIL I STEPPED IN BUT THEY DIDNT CARE AND THE ONLY THING THEY HAVE TO TLAK ABOUT IS HER CRUSH WHICH IS DUMB AND THEY CONSTANTLY IGNORE US AND NEVER LISTEN SO WE SAT SOMEWHERE ELSE AT LUNCH AND THEY FOLLOWED US AND MADE IT SO THERE WAS NO SPACE FOR US TO SIT IN OUR SPACE AND WOULDNT EVEN TALK TO US AND WHEN WE WENT AWAY THEY DIDNT CARE THEY ACTED LIKE WE WERE NOTHING BUT PESKY FLIES AND MEGAN UGHH THE KID AT THE VEGINNING OF THIS YEAH SHE ALWAYS SAYS CONSESCENDING THINGS LIKE “oh haha I only got A+ in everything but PE where I got an A” |“ugh choir was so hard” “we had to sing more songs than you” “umm but I have two songs that are spaced weirdly” [exaggeration but still] so basically I hate my “friends”